About the Book

  • Who are well known comparable author’s in your Genre?


Dale Carnegie

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Richard Carlson

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


  • Tell me about your book?


This is a motivational memoir based on my life—my trials and tribulations, achievements and successes, and dreams and reality. My book takes readers on a journey from my humble upbringing in Pakistan through relocations to various countries. It shows how those experiences, including my ability to adapt to different cultures and my immense appreciation of education, impacted my life and are today defining my legacy.

  • How did you get started on this book journey?


My whole life, I would tell the stories of my youth and the lessons I have learned throughout my life. I would tell them to my children and grandchildren, to co-workers, and to friends. I wanted to preserve my memories of the people, places, and events that have meant most to me. After hearing these stories over the years, my daughter, Henna, encouraged me to put them to paper in this book.


  • What has life been like leading up to this moment?


It has been extraordinary. I have enjoyed the process immensely and am so excited for readers to see that living a life of gratitude, faith, and joy comes back to you tenfold, creating a unique story filled with love, grace, and appreciation.


  • Why is your book unique?


So much of society, including films and books, focus on the negative. They focus on the conflicts and challenges. We all have them, of course. But I wanted to focus on the importance of education to open doors of opportunity and how beautiful life can be when we live in gratitude and faith and when we remember what’s most important – our families.


  • Why will it appeal to your target audience?


I feel that it will be appealing especially today when people need to truly understand the power of positivity in their lives. It will help them see that it is possible to live a happy life filled with peace and love if they open themselves up to living that way.