About the Author

Joginder Singh Kalsi was born in Karachi on April 29, 1939, to Naranjan Singh  and Karam Kaur Kalsi. When he was a young boy, his family moved  to India, where he would grow up surrounded by love and support,  especially from his mother and oldest sister. Jogi’s love for education  followed him from Karachi to India, where he later began his career as  a government engineer and started a family, and eventually moved to  the United States. Upon moving to Chicago, Illinois, Jogi ventured into  entrepreneurship, establishing his own gasoline business, which quickly  flourished and expanded across various locations in Michigan.


Today, Jogi is enjoying his retirement, finding immense joy in the company of his beloved wife, whom he has been married to for fifty-three  years, as well as his three children and six grandchildren. Family remains  his utmost source of pride and happiness. Alongside treasuring quality  time with his loved ones, he indulges in his passion for travel. Jogi has  explored numerous destinations within the United States, as well as  Canada, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Mexico, among others.  He is an international Best Selling Author.  However in the moments of tranquility, he finds solace and serenity in his prayer  room, where he dedicates time each day to meditation and prayer.